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What's an affiliate program?
An affiliate program means we pay up to 65% out of all the signups and rebills all the time while the member is active.
You say you pay up to 65%. How do I reach the 65%?
If you've only just started with us, you get 50% partnership. Making 40 sales within any period will make the percent higher for good. You'll be getting 55%. 80 sales will take you to the 60% partnership mark. Affiliates that manage to make 120 sales within any period enjoy the benefit of having 65% partnership, and that's a lifetime guarantee, too.
When and how do you pay, then?
Every month is divided into 2 periods.
Period 1 - 1st to 15th
Period 2 - 16th up till the end of the month.
Payments are made on the 1-5st and 15-20th, i.e. 2 weeks after the period is closed. This is to mean that the money earned, say, within the period between January 1 and January 15 shall be paid out between February 1 - February 5.
In cases when payment days turn out to be weekends or holidays, the payment shall be made on the first business day.
My payment is marked as "sent", but I didn't receive it yet.
There is a certain transfer time (time between us sending the money and you receiving it) for each type of payment. Transfer time can sometimes increase because of the holidays in different countries and other reasons we have no influence over. Thus it may take up to 10 business days for a wire transfer and up to a month for a check (in some countries) to reach you.
Please, also note that in case with some Payment Systems we make the transfers via Financial Services Providers and it may take them a few extra business days to process the payment.
If you believe that a reasonable transfer time has already passed, please don't hesitate to contact our support service and we will put our every effort to help you find out the reasons for such a delay and make sure no payments are lost.
What if I don't reach the payout minimum?
Your money shall be stored and not paid out until the minimum is reached.
What payment options are available? What are the minimum payouts? What fees are associated with the available payment options?
You can choose between being paid by check (the minimum payout is $100, no fee), ePassporte (the minimum payout is $50, no fee) or wire transfer (the minimum payout is $300; the transfer fees are $30 or $0 in case wire exceeds $500). We are also going to add PayPal in the nearest future. Please note. In case you've received bonus money after registration in our affiliate program, your minimum payouts will be increased. If you would like to get paid via another payment system, please fill up the form to contact us. We always respond to whishes of our affiliates. If this payment system is popular, then we'll do all our best to give you an opportunity to get paid via this system.
Why have I seen the strange rates in my statistics, for example distinct from $14.95?
The reason is that the bigger part of European countries as well as Japan, Canada and Australia bill in their regional currency. For example, a European subscriber pays 29.95 euro for membership. Your webmaster percent from such transactions will be re-counted by USD exchange rate on the day of transactions. Moreover, we offer the cancel discount to our subscribers. They see this offer while trying to cancel membership. In this case, all future rebills of these subscribers are lower than usual, and you'll see it in your statistics as well.
Do you provide free hosting? Anything special I should know?
We offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space. You can host your domains and get an email account. CGI-BIN and PHP are also available. However, you can use your free hosting option for ShockingCash promotion only! It is absolutely forbidden to use your hosting option for illegal websites. We reserve the right to refuse hosting to any webmaster.
What about mail traffic? Do you accept it?
We sure do. However, spam is what we do not allow. If you neglect this rule, you will be reported to the authorities. This means that in case of legal action you will take responsibility for your actions in full. Legal mail traffic is another thing and we gladly accept it. Make sure you contact us before you start the promotion campaign so that we could discuss the details.
Will I get free content?
Sure! Every affiliate gets access to our constantly updated promotional tools.
I'd like to use the free content for site design. Is that OK?
Only if the website is entirely dedicated to ShockingCash site promotion campaign. You may not promote other programs using our content.
Is there any way I can use the free hosted galleries and the site designs for new sites of my own? Can I use the design elements of the paysites?
Sure thing, but remember that it's ShockingCash sites that you must promote on these sites.
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